‘Meaningful’ Gamification and Education

Back on April 15th I attended a 1 day conference on Meaningful Gamification at the University of Buffalo’s (SUNY-State University of New York) Center for Tomorrow. Gamification is a popular but much... [ read more ]

The Role-Playing Society

Last week, Dr. Francesco Crocco, Associate Director of Excelsior College’s Online Writing Lab, was featured on The Versatilist podcast. Interviewer Patrick O’Shea spent an hour with Dr. Crocco discussing many aspects of... [ read more ]

Playing Shakespeare

By Stefan Köhler In line with the name of this website I think that it is not only interesting to foster learning in and through games and simulations but also learning based... [ read more ]

GDC 2016: Notes on a Philosophy of Conferences

This past March 14-18th, a traditional Spring Break week, I made my 3rd consecutive trip to the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. One of the most successful conferences in... [ read more ]

Professional Development: The Not-so Secret Sauce; a Visit with the Institute of Play

You can hand every student in the entire district a tablet, as the district in Long Island where I once taught did, but if the teachers cannot use the technology effectively, the... [ read more ]

Secrets: An Alternate Reality Online Class

This past Fall I taught one of the first ever, if not the very first, 100% online class as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). As a pilot, the course ended a solid... [ read more ]

CUNY Games Festival 3.0: New Voices and Practical Strategies in Game- based Learning for Higher Education

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune of attending the third annual CUNY Games Festival, which, in turn, had the misfortune of needing to cancel the second day’s activities... [ read more ]