Teaching and Learning with the Short Sim

by Clark Aldrich, Managing Partner of Clark Aldrich Designs Serious games pioneer, author, and expert on educational simulations Clark Aldrich invites everyone to play  short sims: Play Short Sims Clark moderated Excelsior... [ read more ]

Boiling Frogs and the Need for L&D to Innovate

by Bryan Austin, Vice President of Learning Innovation at mLevel Earlier this year I attended the excellent Bersin by Deloitte IMPACT conference.  If you’ve never attended this event, make plans to do... [ read more ]

Games for Change 2016: Poker, Civilization and the Future of Medicine

Games for Change (G4C) just finish its thirteenth annual festival. This year brought three firsts. Susanna Pollack took over as president of the organization, the festival’s time and location moved from spring... [ read more ]

The Ultimate Boss Battle: A Memorial, Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)

Gamers know and thrive on the Boss Battle the biggest and culminating battle in a video game. Of course, the idea of a boss battle goes back far before video games made... [ read more ]

Game Junkies: A Glimpse at the Dark Side of Gaming

Video games have been prominently blamed for violence since the Columbine shooting tragedy (April 20, 1999), but such facile, ill-founded scapegoating has been around since the rise of juvenile delinquency in the... [ read more ]

‘Meaningful’ Gamification and Education

Back on April 15th I attended a 1 day conference on Meaningful Gamification at the University of Buffalo’s (SUNY-State University of New York) Center for Tomorrow. Gamification is a popular but much... [ read more ]

The Role-Playing Society

Last week, Dr. Francesco Crocco, Associate Director of Excelsior College’s Online Writing Lab, was featured on The Versatilist podcast. Interviewer Patrick O’Shea spent an hour with Dr. Crocco discussing many aspects of... [ read more ]