Dys4ia: A Transgendered Game 4 Change

The recent hoopla around Olympic Triathlon champion Bruce Jenner’s transition from a male to a female at the age of 66 brings national attention to the difficult realities of living as a... [ read more ]

Applied Health Games: An Expanding Field

Last Monday I attended a symposium at MIT’s Enterprise Forum hosted by Microsoft® New England called The Big Game Theory: Gaming Beyond Gamers. The symposium focused on the expanding field of applied... [ read more ]

Safer Sex Shuffle: A Not So Serious Sexual Health

This post is written by Alex Medina, a guest blogger. Over the past eight years I’ve worked on all things tech at Answer, a sexuality education program at Rutgers University. Answer publishes... [ read more ]

Approaching Public Health through Games and Simulations

Applying games to health issues is an area of expanding innovation from activity related exergames to interventions in cognitive functioning for everyone from children with Attention Deficit Disorder to elderly adults facing... [ read more ]

Character Education With Chess

An excerpt from Chapter 1, by Roumen Bezergianov, psychotherapist and author. Character Education with Chess is available on Amazon, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble, and other e-book retailers. The King is the... [ read more ]

Preventing Checkmate: Chess as an Academic Intervention

In the opening episode of HBO’s acclaimed Series The Wire, the character D’Angelo, who manages the street level drug sales of a West Baltimore housing project happens upon two of his runners,... [ read more ]

Revolutionary Learning

Dr. David Seelow joins the Distance EDU on Demand podcast to discuss the development of the Center for Game and Simulation-Based Learning, why he wants to spark a revolution in learning, and why... [ read more ]