Preventing Checkmate: Chess as an Academic Intervention

In the opening episode of HBO’s acclaimed Series The Wire, the character D’Angelo, who manages the street level drug sales of a West Baltimore housing project happens upon two of his runners,... [ read more ]

Revolutionary Learning

Dr. David Seelow joins the Distance EDU on Demand podcast to discuss the development of the Center for Game and Simulation-Based Learning, why he wants to spark a revolution in learning, and why... [ read more ]

Ben Franklin and the Game of Chess

When somebody tells you to “go fly a kite” tell that person to look up Ben Franklin. Play can often lead to dramatic discoveries and Franklin is a shining example of how... [ read more ]

In Memoriam: Roger Ebert, Art, Video Games and the Value of Criticism

A few weeks ago I had the enjoyment of watching Steve James’ excellent documentary “Life Itself” on the late Roger Ebert (1942-2013). Ebert was known far and wide for his film criticism,... [ read more ]