CUNY Games Festival 3.0: New Voices and Practical Strategies in Game- based Learning for Higher Education

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune of attending the third annual CUNY Games Festival, which, in turn, had the misfortune of needing to cancel the second day’s activities... [ read more ]

Game Over: Feedback and the Power of Educational Games

Sara de Freitas is Pro Vice Chancellor at Murdoch University and has been involved in serious games research for almost twenty years. She co-founded the Serious Games Institute which has branches in... [ read more ]

Tribeca Games and League of Legends: New Cultural Phenomena

This past November I attended the inaugural event of Tribeca Games in lower Manhattan. Tribeca Games is an off shoot of the very successful Tribeca Film Festival held every April. The film... [ read more ]

Straight Outta Compton: Race, Gender, and Sports or Serena Williams 2015

By David Seelow, PhD 12/28/2015 A number of blogs ago when writing about Arthur Ashe, I mentioned that tennis was my favorite game. Consequently, I want this year’s final blog to speak... [ read more ]

War Games and Defense Education

In the last blog, I talked about Dr. Philip Sabin’s presentation on manual wargaming. Now, I want to briefly discuss the nature of what I will call postmodern wargaming. I will touch... [ read more ]

The Most Serious Games: Wargaming

I was fortunate to have been asked to Chair a conference called “Military E-Learning & Smart Devices,” at the Kensington Close Hotel in London, England. The conference was organized by Yousef Malik,... [ read more ]

Muzzy Lane and Higher Education Game-based Learning

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Muzzy Lane, a leading game-based learning development company, at their headquarters in scenic Newburyport, Massachusetts, near the New Hampshire border. I spoke with the... [ read more ]